Although breastfeeding is one of the most natural experiences of being a new mother, it can also be very overwhelming. Whether in the store or in the comfort of your home, most parents will benefit and gain a sense of ease and confidence by working with one of our International Board Certified Lactation Consultants.

Our consultants understand the challenges of breastfeeding and have experience in a wide variety of complex breastfeeding situations. Our board-certified consultants (IBCLC) can gently and compassionately assist you in establishing and maintaining your lactation goals. Our group of professional consultants will work with you and your baby to help you achieve results, address concerns, and offer guidance so that you can confidently continue breastfeeding.

Topics Discussed

  • Myths of nursing
  • Proper feeding positions
  • How to increase milk supply
  • How to ensure baby is getting enough
  • How to manage breastfeeding while working
  • What to expect the first few weeks of nursing your baby
  • Proper latch techniques and other tips for successful nursing
Contact us to schedule your lactation consultation in our warm, nurturing and private environment.

Lactation Center

  • Certified Medela® Lactation Center
  • Private Lactation Consultations
  • Breast Pump Sales
  • Hospital-grade Breast Pump Rentals
  • Baby Scale Rentals
  • Private spaces in store for your comfort
Lactation Consultations

Our board certified consultants (IBCLCs) would be happy to assist you with breastfeeding support. If you would like to schedule an in-store or home lactation consultation, please contact us.