Bellies was born with the real needs of motherhood in mind. Bellies has been a staple in the Montrose community since 2003, and it has been a privilege to serve and watch all the families grow over the years. Bellies Boutique has joyfully retired. We are proud to announce that all rentals and lactation support will be managed by We thank you for all our customers, colleagues, staff, friends, and family for the contribution they have made to all our Bellies clients. THANK YOU!


Bellies, Babies and Bosoms was founded on December 1, 2003 with a passion to promote breastfeeding, support new mothers, and be a sanctuary for all motherhood needs. Bellies was born out of the necessity for pre-natal and postpartum support. We served our mission to nurture parents with prenatal and postnatal education, assist mothers with lactation support, be a resource for all growing families, and stock the most adorable baby gifts skillfully presented in our signature wrapping. Our staff was committed to serving all with compassion and care and to provide a comforting experience through each parents’ journey. It has been an honor to serve you!

Some words from our happy customers

  • “A warm, welcoming, non-judgmental environment awaits you at this everything-for-mommies shop in Montrose.”

    Heather, Los Angeles
  • “After 3.5 months of trying, my baby finally latched and now at 11 months, she is still going strong. Thank you B, B & B for your lactation specialists and offering this service to moms. It is worth every penny!”

    SeSe, Los Angeles
  • “I overheard their resident lactation consultant talk to a client over the phone. Ladies, this lactation consultant knows her stuff! And she seemed genuine and caring for her client.”

    Julie, Irvine
  • “They have a comfortable nursing area and restroom with a nice changing station. In fact, I felt rather cozy trying on their varieties of nursing pillows and wipes that they had on hand that I've never tried before.”

    Julie, Irvine
  • “When I was pregnant I went to their free breastfeeding class and it was very informative. I couldn't believe it was free and just as valuable as or more so than a class I paid a steep price for elsewhere.”

    Ms. R, Altadena
  • “After my daughter was born, and breastfeeding was horribly painful and not going well, I remembered that BB&B offers lactation consulting (this service is not free, but definitely worth the money). I set up a meeting with Marianna and she was so nice and helpful. She gave me lots of tips and advice that they don't give you at the hospital. So glad I went! Though it took a while, breastfeeding has become a breeze now.”

    Ms. B, Los Angeles
  • “The friendly staff invited me to breastfeed my daughter in the back area (that is used for breastfeeding support for moms). I really appreciated the staff there actually DOING what the mission of their store is about - which is supporting new moms and their babies!”

    Lara, Los Angeles
  • “I love how they carry the highest quality merchandise and whatever I select... with the helpful staff of course... is always unique and unlike any other gifts at baby showers!”

    Sonia, Valencia
  • “Bellies and Babies is an excellent resource for parents. Every time I come here I leave with invaluable knowledge and practical items to make my life as a mother simpler.”

    Val, Los Angeles
  • “It's the perfect place to get something really nice and unique that any new mom or dad will love. They have the softest baby clothes plus so many things for breastfeeding and teething”  

    Heidi, Burbank


When you walked into Bellies, it was more than just shopping and services; it was an experience. You were greeted by our amazing staff and bound to run in to a few other mommies at different stages of their parenting journey.

While guests browsed through our lovely boutique, you likely gained invaluable knowledge as you overhear other mommies sharing their experiences. Whether a client came in to take advantage of one of our great services, shop for a perfect gift, use our scales to weigh a precious little bundle, or just hang out in our mommy lounge, all left feeling confident and included as a part of our wonderful community.

This is why we were here.

Since 2003, Bellies was here to be an endless resource of support for you and your growing family, to offer a comforting sanctuary for you to breastfeed, and a safe haven to recharge in the company of caring and compassionate moms. Thank you for this honor.

At Bellies, we believe in generosity and contribution.
Every year, we give to numerous local schools and charities to help make a difference and create a better world for our little generations to come.